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Hi there guys!

i've been very busy and still busy...

probably in 2 weeks time, i should have completed all my other work and then i can complete on all the sites that i made in the internet..

Sites that i have made:
1) traffic Exchange (20 members)
2) Paid to click site (15 members) [working on the layout..]
3) Auction Site (have not been launched yet)
4) Classified Site (have not been launched yet)
5) Social Networking site (NEW) (still in experiment)
6) Affiliate site, = trying to get residual income with GDI (NEW) (Scratch)

So all of this site,
Will be unified (merge) into 1 website that directs users to all of this site.
Which will be the (currently traffic exchange!)

So, When all of this site have been tested and good for launching, it will be connected to each other.

takes time, and a lot of effort huhu..
Just keep on visiting this blog to see if all of the sites are up.


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