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hello again,

i've just found something else, do take a look...

Viral Network  

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Hye guys,

While I was browsing around the blog, i've encountered one of the website containt this site.

This site is still new and will be launched in about (- +) 2months time.

Basically, i believe that this site purposes is to promote your site to get traffic.

try it guys!


This Month stats  

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Well guys,

it's nearly in the end of the month,

So, I'm gonna Summarize it all up for this month,

September, 2008

e-mail cash pro
5.0 points = $ 5.00 (if i'm not mistaken)
Minimum payout = $11.00

Hits 4 pay
Nothing ~~~~~~~
I may have been wrong about this website or maybe my country is not available or eligible to participate.
Do give your opinions on this site.
i wonder what happened.


I also will be searching for more information regarding anything that we can use either in gathering traffic, income, and any other stuff that would be useful to us.

For those who Comments, i would like to thank you in giving some information for us and please do follow this website to gather some information or knowledge

Thank You all!

Email Cash Pro... Updated (3)  

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hey guys!

today, iv'e got another email from the email cash pro.

just want to keep updating this blog,

and yesterday i've just signed up for mylot but had not yet used it, maybe in the end of this week.

later i'll post about MyLot and what is it about.. they say you can earn money from there, and it's just like another version of myspace, friendster...etc..

see u guys later!

Email Cash Pro ... Updated (2)  

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Finally, i've got my first e-mail from e-mail cash pro yesterday.

So, that means the site is still up and running but rather kinda slow,

anyway, i promise to stick with them at least for a month to see how is the progress.

Then, i'll give a review for u guys out there.

C'mon guys, give me some responds, let me know what you have in your mind.

Do give comments

Email Cash Pro ... Update  

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i've signed up yesterday the email cash pro but it seems that the chances for getting even 1 mail / ad/ per day seems impossible....

better just let it be for now, i'll try and wait for a month and see how much mail / ad will they give to me..

alright, cya

Email Cash Pro  

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Just signed up for another paid to click

let me run it for about a month and i'll tell you later if its worth it or not.

it's a singapore company based and not a scam. If any of you out there have tried this, do tell us

Marketing Tips  

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247 Traffic Generation Methods

Marketing Tips on how to market your website

Side Income  

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This is one of the side income from the internet that i'm currently doing.

The hits4pay (paid to click)

Free sign up + USD10 will be given to you after signing up.

So, right now my current balance in the account of the hits4pay is USD10

by the way, i did some research on this company, where people have tried this thing and they really got their payout. So i would say that this site is not a scam.

But, if any of you guys out there have any experience of this site is total lie, then do tell me.

k guys!


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Paypal is a some kind of middleman in dealing with e-money.

The website handles your e-money, in a very secure way. It can be used with Ebay too. Although, i've never used it before with Ebay.

How ever, about 4 years ago, paypal have not yet entered into Malaysia or something like that, making the Malaysians suffers in doing e-business.

Now, paypal have already entered Malaysia, and Malaysians now can easily use the paypal account. Since Paypal now accept not only credit but alos debit card, i use only the debit card.
But, makesure your debit card have the Mastercard or Visa.

If i'm not mistaken, the maybank debit card cannot connect with paypal. but the other debit cards that can be use with paypal like the Ambank NexG, and something Public Bank Visa card.
I'm using the EON Mol Prepaid Freedom that supposed to be work with paypal... Haven't try it yet, currently in activation of the card..

you can get a free account of paypal here

Going to find some side income  

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My name is Lan. I'm still a student by the way.

Well, starting in this month, i'm going to find some sites that could produce me some e-money and also to detect which sites are SCAM and which is not SCAM.

SO, do help me in giving your comments in figuring out which sites are SCAM

Later, i will post about paypal for Malaysians and all the sites i've been through.

Thanks!, please do support this blog!