Mystery Company Invents Payplan  

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We will be launching the NEW WEBSITE AND REVEALING THE PAYPLAN BY 30 DAYS, So refer as many people as you can over the next month. This plan has never been used by any company and will be the FIRST time our industry has seen this revolutionary plan. So we welcome you and thank you for joining and being a part of something BIG. We will start sending emails before launch.

It's new, will be launched in 30 days, gather as much referrals as you can.
Be one of the earliest.

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Who wants to earn $200?  

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Get your $200 for free!

or create a residual income! from $15 - $150,000

Residual income - free for 1 year, after that pay $10 per month, which by that time, you'll be earning an income more than $500!

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Conquering GDI (Part 2) of 3  

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Hi guys!

Did the title catch your eye?

I really found a way on how to conquer the GDI.

But i WILL NOT revealed it yet.

Certain things must done first, in order for you guys out there to follow it with ease.

Don't know about the GDI? read my post below.

Basically, GDI wants you to pay $10 per month right?

What if I tell you this, you can get by following my system:

  1. You would not have to pay for 12months, Free 12 months.
  2. And still profit $5 per month (starting from 2nd month)
  3. That you're downline WILL EXPAND.
  4. Why expand?
  5. they want to get paid and increase their income!
So if you're interested, please email me at

This system will start in 2 - 5 days from today.

using only free money!



Anybody here know GDI?  

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GDI or Global Domain International

The GDI is like a Multi Level Marketing scheme that pays you for every referral you make.

1 referal gives you 1USD, which is not a lot.

BUT, here this out first!

What if i tell you that you can profit from this thing?

i've just figured out on how to do that... SO, i'm going to a little experiment to prove that you can benefit from this.


Let me finish about GDI,
GDI gives you 5 Levels deep. (that's your downline). And there's no limit to the width of your 1st level referal. Meaning that you can earn more by expanding your 1ST level referral width.
Lets say you get 10 referal for 1st level, and all of them are late bloomers to get fresh downlines, then you will get about $10 per month. Meaning that $10 each month just from the first level.

GDI Product,
basically it's about the domain. Instead of .COM, you will get .WS
All MLM needs you to pay a certain fee. So does the GDI, it'll cost you $10 per month, which means about $120 Per year.

Don't let the expenses that you would made let you down..

Because i think that i've just thought a great idea on joining this thing, that can cover up the fees for the GDI up to 1 year. using free money.

End of Part 1

Deadliest Affiliate Weapon  

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Deadliest Affiliate Weapon only cost $7.

This e-book will tell you all about the affiliates failures and how to repel this failures.

This author of the e-book is Lauri Niskasaari who is an underground affiliate, Pro Online Marketer and the Guru Buster.

This e-book is still new Copyright 2008.

He will teach you, what will need to be a successful affiliate and not only that, he also provides some useful website to get your tools.

These tools are used in creating your affiliate website / or your own business.

There are a lot of information in this e-book which I myself could not give anymore because there are a lot. But don't worry, it is done in a step by step.

So, why would you pay more than $10 for other e-books? This e-book costs $7 only, and EXCELLENT info on building your own business or affiliate business.

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This is the largest Social Networking site on the web that pays its users 100x's more than Yuwie and Zenzuu. It's just like myspace or facebook where you add friends, find old classmates, if you're looking to start a serious relationship, as well as advertising and much more. At 100% free and having to be 17 years old to join, you can blog, upload pictures, video, send messages, as well as leave comments on your friends profile pages.

You get paid $4.00 for 1st level referrals, 3.00 for 2nd, and 2.00 for 3rd and MORE!

If you would like to sign up, please click the banner above or click here. I would love to be your sponsor and help you in any way I can!

Get started and get paid.

When you sign up, you'll come to a screen that shows your sponsors picture, and some information to fill out. You will be asked to type in a username, your first and last name, email, password, zip code, country, gender, birthday, security question, and answer. Once you have completed and registered, you might be asked to verify your account via email. Please do so.

Once you are verified, please fill out your profile and add a nice picture to make it more inviting to others. Remember, you are NOW a sponsor and will be referring others, so it's nice to see someone's picture when signing up.

When completing your account settings, it will come in 5 steps.

1.) Create profile.

2.) Sign up for free checking at Washington Mutual.

3.) Get verified with PayMeNow.

4.) Get your free 6dgr debit card.

5.) Grow your network and cash balance.


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Clickbank Autopilot Profit System *FREE  

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hye guys, have you heard this product? worth $77value
you guys wanna try it for free?
give me your name and email.

limited to 5 person* (i refer to 5 people)

then what you guys have to do is get 3 referers,

i have not get this product yet, but if you help me get it, then i'll send you the email and you get 3 referrals to get the product.

and also you will receive 8 videos worth $197 for free.

not only there's a bunch more free stuff!

so y not try it.



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Email cash Pro is now open to INTERNATIONAL MEMBERS!


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- Accept International Members
- Accept all kinds of traffic from United States, Canada, West Europe
- We Count Per IP Every 24 Hours !
- Earn Up To $3.00 Per 1000 Valid Impression
- MIN $1 Payouts Will Be Made on the Weekend every Two Weeks !
- Payouts through Paypal or LibertyReserve !

i have joined this program for about 2 months i think, but due to low valid impression, (only about 150-300) already earned about $0.58####. Still waiting to reach 1000 valid impressions.

You guys got to try this. just put the banner in your site that all it takes, it does not need the visitor to click the add.

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Web hosting free, no catch!  

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If you wish to have a professional shared hosting quality in a free hosting package, come and host with and experience the best service you can get absolutely free.

Founded in December 2006, has a trusted free hosting members base of over 60,000 members and still counting! Offering professional quality hosting, support, uptime and reliability, we have a great community of webmasters, you'd love to be a part of!

Register now and get it all free:
*** 1500 MB of disk space
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Free Web Hosting with Website Builder


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The Been Paid Seal Of Approval for programs you can trust!

There are literally hundreds of sites on the Internet that will pay you to complete various tasks online. These sites share a portion of their advertising revenue with their members whom are paid to do just about anything you can think of: surf, play games, take surveys, read email, visit sites, signup to free offers, search and so much more.

BeenPaid is the only comprehensive directory of free to join Get Paid To programs that are verified as having paid their members. Since 2003, has been providing and sharing information with our members on how to earn online. Please join us, membership is free and opens up the entire BeenPaid Community to you as well as our 10,000+ members.

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Our mission at is to act as an advocate for consumers so that they are able to make well informed decisions when shopping on the Internet for goods and services. We sign up for services test their products, investigate their offers, and score their services and customer service capabilities.

We also visit other review websites and consumer fraud reporting entities like the Better Business Bureau and the Internet Fraud Taskforce to insure that the companies we review and maintain on our system continue to uphold our high standards.

We investigate dozens and dozens of sites and instead of publishing all the substandard sites we give you the cream of the crop so you can be sure of receiving quality goods and services with the highest levels of customer service and each site must have a money back guarantee.

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PayPerPost delivers online word of mouth marketing, brand building and traffic generation through the world's largest consumer generated advertising community and marketplace.

Get paid for blogging. Write about web sites, products, services, and companies and earn cash for providing your opinion and valuable feedback to advertisers. Disclosure required.


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Have any of you guys out there have tried clickbank?

if you do, please tell us more about your clickbank experience..

Advertise 4 Profits  

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Advertise 4 profits(A4P) is a site where you can advertise your site for free to the members of the A4P.

Points are use to advertise and u can earn it by surfing to the other members site. Sometimes bonuses are given in terms of cash and points by surfing.

There are also a payout of $100.

Up to U to see it, otherwise you can visit it here.


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October is the busiest month i had.. huhu.. sorry for the delays..

i'll be posting again in few days time! thanks