Want traffic?  

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Want traffic?

advertise here on greenybux as low as $0.60 for 1000 visits!

you wont get any cheaper than that at other sites!

Advertise here at


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hye guys,

Clixsense have been around about 2 years now,

Clixsense offers you 1cent per click, and the payout is at $10.00

Payout is done by cheque.

How to earn with clixsense?
by upgrading your account to premium member which just cost you $10 per year!

which is very little!
and the ads for clicking specifically for premium members are up to 500 ads!

join in now guys

You guys playing PTC?  

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Yeah, Hye guys,

i decided to play some PTC, and a lot too....

up to 7 - 8 sites..

my personal favourite is the MAX PTC

$0.01 per click
$0.005 per ref click
Payout at $2.00 (Alertpay)

what i like about this ptc is that, they have more than 20 ads per day! mostly up to 30 and averagely at 27 - 30 ads.

Which is easy to hit the payout.

I'm now at $3.10 and i'm trying to hit about $8.00 before i make my first payout.
Which can be about in 10 - 12 days more... hehehe

Come and join me in this PTC

please set the referrer as chibobski84