Anybody here know GDI?  

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GDI or Global Domain International

The GDI is like a Multi Level Marketing scheme that pays you for every referral you make.

1 referal gives you 1USD, which is not a lot.

BUT, here this out first!

What if i tell you that you can profit from this thing?

i've just figured out on how to do that... SO, i'm going to a little experiment to prove that you can benefit from this.


Let me finish about GDI,
GDI gives you 5 Levels deep. (that's your downline). And there's no limit to the width of your 1st level referal. Meaning that you can earn more by expanding your 1ST level referral width.
Lets say you get 10 referal for 1st level, and all of them are late bloomers to get fresh downlines, then you will get about $10 per month. Meaning that $10 each month just from the first level.

GDI Product,
basically it's about the domain. Instead of .COM, you will get .WS
All MLM needs you to pay a certain fee. So does the GDI, it'll cost you $10 per month, which means about $120 Per year.

Don't let the expenses that you would made let you down..

Because i think that i've just thought a great idea on joining this thing, that can cover up the fees for the GDI up to 1 year. using free money.

End of Part 1

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