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Paypal is a some kind of middleman in dealing with e-money.

The website handles your e-money, in a very secure way. It can be used with Ebay too. Although, i've never used it before with Ebay.

How ever, about 4 years ago, paypal have not yet entered into Malaysia or something like that, making the Malaysians suffers in doing e-business.

Now, paypal have already entered Malaysia, and Malaysians now can easily use the paypal account. Since Paypal now accept not only credit but alos debit card, i use only the debit card.
But, makesure your debit card have the Mastercard or Visa.

If i'm not mistaken, the maybank debit card cannot connect with paypal. but the other debit cards that can be use with paypal like the Ambank NexG, and something Public Bank Visa card.
I'm using the EON Mol Prepaid Freedom that supposed to be work with paypal... Haven't try it yet, currently in activation of the card..

you can get a free account of paypal here

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PayPal is the best and safest out there. I have never had a problem using it.

September 25, 2008 at 7:48 AM

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